Should I buy a cleansing brush? Magnitone Lucid Review

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A while back, I was sent a Magnitone Lucid* to review and since I had never tried any cleansing brushes before I was pretty excited to give it a try!

As someone who suffers from the occasional bad breakout, redness and sometimes light scarring, I was eager to see if I would see a huge improvement from using this deep cleaning method. Offering a seven day promise, Magnitone claim to leave you with softer, brighter and clearer skin within just 7 days. Pretty awesome, right? 

So, how does it work? Well, the cleansing brush works by “providing enhanced electromagnetic pulsations that send rapid vibrations into the skin. They naturally unclog pores, and sweep away dry and dead skin cells, leaving a clearer complexion.”

The brush has a 1 minute setting, but it will beep every 20 seconds, so as to indicate to move onto the next area of your face. This is an excellent feature since I for one am guilty of quickly skipping through my skin care routine as fast as humanly possible. But not anymore! The 1 minute setting ensures that you are treating your skin to a thorough deep clean and exfoliating away all of that dead skin. Another great feature is that it is completely waterproof. This means I can take the brush in the shower and do my cleanse while I’m leaving my conditioner on my hair, etc, which is great since I like to get up and go in the morning and hate spending a lot of time getting ready. I love my sleep too much! I would highly recommend using a cleanser with the brush, such as the Liz Earle cleanse and polish.

To be honest, I was apprehensive about using the Magnitone at first, since I’d read many a review on similar cleansing brushes claiming they can make you breakout even more and that the brush can be abrasive to the skin. Thankfully, as well as a deep clean setting, there is also a sensitive setting  – I chose to opt for the latter. Magnitone do pre-warn you that since you are beginning a “deep cleanse” some breakouts are to be expected during the initial 7 days, and I did suffer from a breakout when first using it. It is worth persevering though, as I noticed an improvement in my skin after the initial breakout had cleared.

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Well, after the initial breakout, which I gathered was to be expected since you are giving your skin a good old cleanse, I did notice an improvement in my skin and after using it now for a good few weeks I found that my skin was generally brighter and clearer.


I still use my Magnitone, although I’ve found mine works best for me when used 2/3 times a week at most. I would highly recommend cleansing brushes as they really clean deep into your pores and unclog all that nasty dirt hiding in your skin. I definitely think they’re worth the initial investment, as I understand they’re not cheap (the newest Magnitone retails at £70) – although Magnitone are comparatively cheaper than other brushes on the market! Once you have the brush you only need to replace the heads and these can be picked up for around £15 which is fairly inexpensive when you consider how often you use the brush and it is recommended that you change the brush every 3-4 months. I definitely think it has been a great addition to my skincare routine and think the Magnitone is a great little gadget; it’s small, easily charged and perfect for travel. 

The only thing I would mention is that if you are considering giving a cleansing brush a try, I would avoid starting a deep cleanse if you have a special event coming up in case you suffer from the initial ‘purging’ breakout.

Have you tried cleansing brushes? Have you noticed a big difference in your skin? Let me know in the comments below! 

*products mentioned have been gifted, however all thoughts and opinions and entirely my own.