Man-repelling in fringe

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topshop, fashion, style, fashion blogger, outfit, autumn, fashion blogger

Topshop, Asos, Hollister, outfit, styling, ootd, fashion, fashion blogger,

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Fringe jacket – Goldie (at Topshop), Top – Topshop, Jeans – Hollister, Lace-up boots – Asos

Apparently, I’m totally man-repelling in this whole ensemble – or so as my boyfriend takes great pleasure of telling me! – I think it’s mainly the fringed jacket he takes issue with, oh and maybe the shoes. Oh well, you can’t please ‘em all! He did like the top though, so I guess we’re getting somewhere..
I picked up this lace-up top from Topshop recently, and the fringed jacket was an absolute bargain I got in the ‘end of summer sales’ – a phrase which makes me both happy and sad at the same time; sad that summer is over; happy that Autumn is most definitely here!! (Autumn is totally my fave).
I feel like I’m channeling my inner Parisian chick in this outfit sans the fringe jacket, and Stevie Nicks wannabe with. In other news, I think I may have found the perf black jeans from Hollister but that’s for another time.

Are you loving fringe and/ or lace-up right now?