What's in my beach bag

I love reading/ watching ‘what’s in my bag’ instalments. It’s like you somehow get a real insight into that person’s life, don’t you think? Well, Boohoo recently got in touch and asked if I would be interested in collaborating on a summer project, whereby I would create a post showing you what summer essentials I carry around in my beach bag. So of course I said yes! 

I went on holiday earlier in the year, so unfortunately there was no beach setting to shoot these photos. However, this is what I would typically carry around if I were jetting off on my holidays and off to the beach. 

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So here is a breakdown of my beach bag contents: 

1. The beach bag itself (c/o Boohoo): bold pink perfect for summer days. 

2. SPF: The number 1 summer essential. I swear by P20 lotion (only requiring once a day application) which is sweat and water resistance. But I still carry a bottle around to top up areas prone to burning, i.e. shoulders, face and chest. FYI: I use a higher factor at the beginning of the holiday (usually 35-50).

3. Sunglasses: Again, a super important holiday necessity to protect your eyes from the sun. I never used to care for sunglasses as they don’t really suit my face, and instead I would opt for a hat. But I’d still end up squinting loads. Before my last holiday I decided to invest in a pair of Ray Bans and to be honest, I don’t know how I managed without them!

4. Entertainment: I always carry either the book I am currently reading or my headphones so I can listen to my summer playlist on Spotify, but usually I’d take both. I read Mr Mercedes by Stephen King on my recent vacation, a book which I would highly recommend.

5. Bikini: Obvs. I got this one from South Beach last year. I can’t get enough of their range. 

6. Make up: I hardly wear any make up whilst on holiday. If I do, I wear a waterproof mascara – oh, and I always curl my lashes before applying – and then just add a pop of colour on my lips; I’m currently loving the Revlon colorburst crayons, and this bright pink shade is wonderful for those summer nights. A bright nail polish always looks better with a tan, and so I always take one polish on holiday. My choice this year was Rimmel’s Glastonbury. (eyelash curler c/o Boohoo). 

7. Haircare: I try to wear my hair au naturale on holiday. My hair is curly/wavy, and always seems to behave better abroad! I use a wide tooth comb to untangle and then apply Umberto Giannini’s ‘curl friends’ scrunching jelly. I prefer to wear it natural and add accessories or create a simple braid. (Hairband c/o Boohoo). 

8. Scent: I hate carrying perfume bottles around, but I love these Victoria’s Secret fragrance mists to keep you smelling lovely when basking in the heat. 

What are your summer essentials?