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For the second instalment (first post here) of my collaboration with Wallis, I styled up my white jeans, again. For this outfit I chose this 70s inspired boho paisley blouse to compliment the white jeans, in order to create a totally different look than the previous.

Bohemian vibes are great, especially for summer, but going full on Sienna Miller/ Vanessa Hudgens et al. is something I’m always a little scared of. I therefore usually pick just one bohemian inspired piece which I can play around with and style in a number of ways. I loved this floaty top from Wallis’ petite range and I thought that the blue hues, together with the translucent fabric, would work well against the white jeans – the top would also look great with a pair of denim cut-offs and metallic sandals in the summer sun. I also chose a pair of espadrille wedge shoes for a bit of added height which is necessary for an evening out. The final ensemble? Well, tell me what you think in the comment section below!
I personally think this out outfit is suited for all those summer BBQs, but maybe I will avoid the ketchup…

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Top / Jeans / Wedges all Wallis*

As I said in my previous post, I wanted to share with you some of my tips for petite styling and to discuss those petite fashion myths. To avoid making this the longest blog post in history, I will start with my personal favourite petite fashion tips, which I live by, and I will resume the rest in a separate post.

My top ‘perfectly petite’ fashion rules are:

1. Go high waist 

I find high waist jeans/ shorts etc. super flattering since they give the illusion of longer legs!
 I’ve read on numerous occasions that low rise jeans aren’t as flattering as they make you look shorter – definitely something I’m keen to avoid. That’s not to say you can’t wear mid to low rise (the jeans in this post, for example, are mid-rise and balance out my frame perfectly). I just like the illusion high waist trousers give, lengthening my lower half and clinching in my waist.   

2. Avoid too many layers 

Petites can become drowned when sporting too many layers, resulting in an unflattering look. Layers can work, if done right, but it massively depends on the cut, colour, style and texture of the separate items being worn together. Opt for thinner fabrics such as silks and cashmere and avoid wearing too many chunky knits/ thick items all at the same time to get layering right. 

3, Opt for V- necks 

A v-neck elongates the torso giving the illusion of being taller, hurrah! 

4. Go Small (with accessories) 

As much as I love statement jewellery and accessories, and I do wear them, I know that being petite I suit smaller more dainty jewellery and accessories. It is a well established rule that oversized accessories can drown you, therefore stick to just one statement piece if going oversized.

5. Monochromatic 
Going monochrome provides for an elongating effect. Sticking to similar colours with few colour variations works best, or wearing complimentary colours with each other can also work too. If you don’t know what complimentary colours are, check out this guide by cosmo here.

What fashion rules do you live by?

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