goals for 2015

 My first post of 2015 and we are already nearly two weeks into the new year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and NYE.


Since I haven’t blogged this year I missed the whole “New Years resolutions” posts. I had the best intentions of making some resolutions at the start of this year, but I failed massively! The only one I definitely knew I was going to make was the same as that I make pretty much every other year (but usually keep up for about a week), that being to adopt a more healthy lifestyle and to exercise regularly. So far I am doing pretty well with the first part – I have been consciously eating healthier by cutting out junk food, fizzy drinks etc. I am enjoying clean eating, but it’s only been 11 days so I guess this will get harder. I am yet to get into the regular exercise part – which is where this plan always falls down –  and have only been to the gym twice in the new year. I am on the hunt for a gym with a good range of fitness classes that I can partake in as I find I workout a lot harder when I have others there to motivate me!


Other than that I didn’t make any resolutions. I think for me personally, I would rather come up with a list of things I wish to achieve in 2015, as opposed to “I won’t eat this, or I will do more of that”. So, the main thing I wish to achieve with the healthy eating/ exercise resolution is to tone up my body. I have been working in an office sitting on my ass for the last 3 years and feel that I would benefit from a good health kick to get my body back into shape. I’m not saying I need to necessarily loose weight just tone it all up! I hope that’s not a TMI.


So having had a little think, these are the things I wish to achieve in 2015:

Exercise more:
I want to try and maintain some level of fitness throughout 2015, so whether I go to the gym at least twice a week and try to go for a long walks/ bike rides at weekends I want to commit to it. I will blog about my regime once I have figured out what’s going to work best for me.

Try something new:
I would like to get out of my comfort zone a little more, although I think I am getting better – starting blogging was one major thing! I would like to keep pushing myself in 2015 and who knows where trying something new could lead to. Fashion also ties into this, as sometimes I feel I hold back in my personal fashion choices – I know I should embrace my own style but sometimes I feel myself conforming to the generic trends and blending in with the crowd!

Setting up my blog last year was brilliant. I love blogging but I haven’t yet organised myself into keeping a schedule for when I am going to blog. I am not going to give myself huge goals, otherwise I will never stick to them as they’re likely to be unachievable (blogging 7 days a week for example). I work full time and as most bloggers will appreciate it take time to put a post together so I am going to start small and say that I will blog at least twice a week for now and how that goes.

Meet new people & friends:
This might seem a bit of a weird one but I find that it becomes quite difficult to meet new friends once you are settled into a job and routine ensues. I think that you may meet a lot of people but not necessarily make lifelong friends as when you are younger. I think that my aim to try new things could tie in here – getting involved in new groups gives more opportunity to meet new faces and hopefully expand social circles. Some people have a good close knit circle of friends and are perfectly happy with keeping it that way, but I don’t think it ever hurts to get to know more people. Right?


Anyway, I would love to know if any of you have made any resolutions for 2015.

*image via we heart it.