photo diary week #1

Welcome to photo diary week #1.
I don’t keep a diary – my blog is probably the closest thing I will ever get to one so why the hell not.

From left to right: 
1 & 2: Brunch with Eric at our favourite little spot in Manchester, Home Sweet Home. Every man and his dog have probably mentioned this place on social media so I won’t go on. We both went for my favourite dish “sun devil scrambler”. Eric agreed that it’s a mighty fine dish! (Basically scrambled egg over hash potatoes with lots of delicious taco and chipotle sauce). 

3: Eating out, again! I had a lovely evening catching up with a friend at the new Gusto restaurant in Manchester. We enjoyed a glass of wine (or 3), a generous bowl of pasta and I may or may not have scoffed down a brownie for dessert. We both loved our pasta dishes, unfortunately I didn’t snap mine, which makes me think that despite loving food, I don’t think I would make for a very good food blogger – I have to dig in straight away!

4: Watching American Hustle – my Mum and Sister came to stay with us at the weekend and after a day of shopping, putting our feet up and watching a good film was just what we needed.

5 & 6: I had my hair done at Umberto Giannini on Saturday. I fancied a bit of a change, but nothing too drastic, so I opted for a few caramel coloured highlights and a toner to blend them in with my lighter ends which I had done last year. My stylist, Ruby, also suggested that I have my layers taken in a bit shorter to give my natural curly hair a bit more lift. I loved the results and will definitely be returning – maybe I will even blog my next visit. Also, they’re currently offering 50% off for new customers until mid February.

7: Listening to this song most this week. I think I will share my most liked song each week in this series. This track by The Weekend is from the soundtrack to the forthcoming 50 shades of Grey movie. I’ve been a fan of The Weekend for a while and this track has me hooked already.