Budget Buys / Primark

I love to update my wardrobe with budget buys, especially from Primark.
Yes, they may only last one season (although I do have a few items from Primark that I’ve had a good few years and are still going strong), but who really cares when trends move on as quickly as they do. I mean I am all about investing in top quality sustainable items every now and then, but I really think those investment items should be carefully considered. I think it’s brilliant that we have high street stores such as Primark and Forever21 offering amazing on-trend items at affordable prices. I venture into Primark every now and then and I usually have two big hauls a year where I stock up on current trends: one for Spring/Summer and one for Autumn/Winter. I haven’t really done a big shop as such this Winter, but when I popped into my local Primark recently I knew I had to have this faux fur stole – a trend I am loving this winter, much to my boyfriend’s dismay! I had already seen one, nearly identical to this, in Topshop for around £25 and this one was such a bargain at only £6. I am such a happy shopper when I bag myself a bargain…
Anyway, I also purchased this lovely sparkly top which I thought would be perfect for Christmas festivities. Only £8! *even happier now. And this super cute coin necklace for about £2 *does little dance. I also got some gorgeous earrings for only £2 and can’t believe I didn’t get a photo for you. I’m sure they will feature on the blog very soon though.