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I recently signed up to JustFab. If you haven’t heard of JustFab before go check out their page here and have a read about their story. It’s a pretty good concept.

JustFab claim to offer designer quality at amazing prices, by essentially cutting out the middle man. We’ve seen this concept before from fashion and shoe brands alike, such as Shoe Mint, although I haven’t had the pleasure of purchasing anything from such brands.

JustFab ask that you initially take a style quiz so that a handpicked selection of items, suited to your style are available for you to choose from each month. I eagerly took the style quiz and had a good look through the styles that were on offer. I instantly fell in love with these black open-toe boots, and having been tempted with the offer for 50% off your first purchase I was swayed into clicking that purchase button.

JustFab offer free delivery and I was surprised at how quickly they arrived; free delivery usually comes with the price of having to wait a couple of days at least.

The shoes came packed neatly in a white and pick shoe box – matching their logo and website theme colours. I unwrapped my new boots and was happy when I put them on that they fit me nicely – I wear a half size, and more often than not this means that shoes ordered online have to be sent back!

Having worn my boots only a handful of times, all I can say for now is that I really love the look of my boots and am of no doubt that they were worth the £17.50 I spent (discounted price for being my first purchase). However, I am not sure that I would label them as ‘designer quality’ although the shoes do look very pretty and designer-inspired. Although, what else was I really expecting at such low prices?

I’m currently on the fence as to whether I would purchase more shoes from JustFab, but for now I am pretty happy with my boots and would recommend JustFab to those looking for a designer style shoe on a budget. Watch this space to see how I get on with these boots!

Any of you purchased from JustFab before?