Blogger Book Club

As a few of my readers will know, I have started a book club for us bloggers!

I thought it would be a great way to find other bloggers out there with similar interest and hopefully so we can all make some new online friends. If you read my last post on the blog, you will know that I have had a hectic July, but I am now well on my way to reading the first book for bloggers book club, as I know a few of you are too! Simply, the aim of the book club was to make connections with other bloggers, get people reading more often and hopefully I will eventually be able to organise meet-ups for the book club. I am sorry I didn’t post this sooner, but as I said it’s been hectic.

I hope that all of you who got in touch after the first batch of emails were sent out are able to join us  for August’s book (which will be announced in the review of this month’s book). If you think anyone else may like to join the book club, please forward them this post. The first book reviews shall be uploaded on 31st July and I will be setting up a blog hop so that we can all read each others review.

Happy reading guys!

p.s I created a hashtag we could all use for the book club, however unfortunately it seems another book club use the same one and things could therefore get confusing! If any of you have any good ideas for a # that isn’t already taken please leave a comment below.