Saturday Snapshots

Just a little post about what I got up to this Saturday. I enjoy reading blog posts like this so I thought I would share one of my own.

Saturday began, for me, with a little lie-in. My man was working, so when he got home, I got to whipping him up a nice brunch. We had poached eggs and bacon on toast. Oh, and a lovely mug of coffee!

We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon just chilling out together in the flat, listening to the sound of the rain outside. Later, after the rain, we got ready and headed out to the local pub for dinner. I wore my new River Island jacket. I teamed my new jacket with a pair of glossy black leggings, black ankle boots and grey t-shirt. I also wore a new necklace I picked up in Primark. I love it, and it was a bargain at £4!

After food we headed to the cinema and caught two films: we saw Bad Neighbours and The Other Woman. Both films were equally funny, and an easy-watch. They weren’t amazing, just what you expect from an American comedy film.

So I didn’t do anything super exciting, but it’s an excuse to show off my new River Island purchase (I will do a style post featuring the jacket soon), and also to find out what you guys got up to over the weekend? I might even start doing a weekend post similar to this, who knows?! Let me know if you enjoy this style post by leaving a comment!