Little Things..

…. just stuff that has made me smile this week. Including stuff from the interwebs.

1. Trying Five Guys for the first time. The burgers are amazing, although I thought it was a tad pricey. They do however sell grape Fanta which is my new favorite thing, so I shall let them off and I will no doubt be returning. 

2. This. I’m not sure if my love for Ryan Gosling could be greater.

3. Finding out New Girl is coming BACK. I can’t friggin wait for season 3!!! I believe it starts here in the UK sometime in June.

4. Revisiting Liverpool, if only briefly. I miss the city so much and I feel at home every time I return there. Maybe one day we will move back there.

5. Meeting my good friend’s baby boy for the first time. He’s only a couple of weeks old – we enjoyed a little cuddle, and I had a good catch up with my friend of course. 

6. The sunshine making an appearance at the weekend was the cherry on the cake; the sunshine always puts everyone in a happier mood, don’t you think? It also meant it was the first day of the year that I braved getting my pale legs out (except for when I was in Barcelona). It feels so good knowing that warmer, sunny days are on the way. I also bought some pretty flowers to brighten up my coffee table. I enjoyed a Sunday morning breakfast of pancakes, berries and maple syrup whilst the sun streamed through the patio doors. It’s the little things in life isn’t in?!

What little things have brightened up your week?