Valentines Date and Gift Ideas for Him & Her

Valentines is right around the corner so I thought I would share with you some gift/ date ideas.

I know Valentines day can sometimes cause a bit of a divide amongst the ranks, but love it loathe it it’s happening. You can’t avoid it, it’s advertised bloody everywhere! And corporations are desperate to cash in on a slice of this lucrative day.

Personally, I don’t particularly mind Valentines day. It’s a good excuse to spoil your loved one and show them how much you appreciate having them in your life. So, I say embrace it! Single? round up your friends, wiggle into your sexiest dresses and enjoy a night full of cocktails and dancing.

If you are coupled up and looking for something to do, here’s my tip: avoid the overbooked & overpriced restaurants like the plague. Stay at home and cook for your loved one – I’m talking a proper slap-up dinner. Grab a bottle of bubbly, cook your delicious food and enjoy each others company. No phones, no distractions.

If I lived somewhere warm I would so do this:

In the morning whip him/ her up their favourite breakfast and earn yourself some extra brownie points! My breakfast of choice would definitely be pancakes. These are typically what I whip up at a weekend: blueberry pancakes, smoked bacon and mayple syrup. Delicious!

Right now onto Gifts:


I struggled to think of a perfect Valentines day gift for him. First up I found this Blazer from New Look; give him an excuse for you to both get properly dressed up and go on more dates!

Why not go all out and add a Bow tie too, I like this one which is also from New Look – which is very similar to the Lanvin version, below. 

Finally, you could always go for a bottle of his favourite tipple?



Ok, so I haven’t picked anything out of the ordinary here but things don’t just become cliché for no reason. Every girl would be happy with at least one of the following:

Flowers, eveyone likes flowers (even when they tell you they don’t).

Lingerie. Ok, so this falls into both gifts for her and for him. Two birds one stone and all that!
Agent provocateur is probably the number one stop for a bit of naughty laungerie, but I love Victoria’s Secret and at a much more reasonable price, they still have tons of sexy items!

Shop the collection here.


What girl wouldn’t want a bottle of champagne to swig whilst picking at those decadent chocolates you also bought? 😉


And last but not least, a lovely scented candle to get you in the mood.

Happy Valentines kids!